Open Studio Credits

Open Studio Credits

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“Bench rentals are available to ANYONE with the necessary pre-requisite skills at $25/hour. ALL METALSMITHS ARE ELIGIBLE TO RENT BENCH TIME. “

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Don't Quit your Daydreams houses 8 state of the art, professional Jewelers Benches. Each one is fully equipped with a personal Flex shaft, selection of hand tools ie: Jewelers saw, hand files, needle files, wire cutters, a selection of burs, etc.

Bench rentals are available with the necessary pre-requisite skills at $25/hour. 3 hour minimum.

Those renting bench time will have access to all large studio equipment ie: Rolling mill, PMC/Enamel kiln, polishing machine, torches, pickle etc.

Those renting bench time must bring their own solder, sawblades, enamel, PMC clay, metal etc.

Please note: Bench rentals are for working on one's own work.

A knowledgeable instructor will ALWAYS be present during these sessions for safety and supervision purposes only. There will be no instruction during these times.

*Bench hours expire 30 days from date of purchase.

*3 hour minimum Time slots for rental

Open studio hours are available on a first come first serve basis: