What People Say
About Us

“I finally found a place in Boca that I can come to more than once a week and where I get professional help to make anything from Jewelry in all forms of materials. And the part part is the vibe are great and so are the people! Erica is the best!”

Wendy Cohn

“Finally! A co-working space for Jewelers! I LOVE that I can rent a bench by the hour! I am a snowbird so it’s great to have a place where I can easily work on my commissions when I am away from my own studio”

Michael Angles

“I am a seasoned jeweler and I have been looking for a place to work on my craft at my convenience. Everyone I called only offered classes. I was thrilled to find a place where I could book a bench by the hour and have access to all the tools and materials I could possibly need to create anything I can dream up!”

Hal Richman

“I love coming here! The neon signs don’t lie. 100% “GOOD VIBES ONLY” such a wonderful of community and a magical place for creating! You have to experience it for yourself!”

Lesly Mayors

“I felt I was in a spiritual vortex. I was blown away. I can’t describe the feeling I got when I was in Erica’s Studio.”

Robert Berman

“Erica is AMAZING! She is always there to support me if I run into any roadblocks both in the creative and production processes. She is even helping me to create my own line!! I am so grateful!”

Penelope Walters

“Erica did a phenomenal job reimagining my grandmothers Diamond Tennis necklace! I can’t believe all the wonderful pieces we were able to create with my heirloom piece. I will utilize her design services again!”

Jocelyne Kramer

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the Job Erica did in creating a custom commissioned Shark tooth necklace for my husband. She made it from a tooth I found on the beach. This is for sure the first off many pieces I will commission. Looking forward to working with Erica again in the near future.”

Molly Powers

“A girlfriend invited me to a private Jewelry Event she was hosting at DQYD. I wasn’t sure how I would do since I have ZERO Jewelry making skills, but I Had the BEST time a making Intention bracelets! I got to design and create a piece with meaning, that turned out so professional looking. I learned a lot. Can’t wait to host my own event!”

Sarah Lucas